If I were being totally honest I would say I have had two beginnings with yoga

(probably more). My first meeting with yoga was when I was living in Santa Cruz and

my girlfriend invited me to go with her to her class at UCSC. My friend had an

incredible body bouncing back and forth between yoga and kickboxing so it didn’t take

much to persuade me to go with her. I remember being in the class feeling very self

conscious, sweaty and red, wishing that my sweet teacher and her assistant would just

leave me alone. They were trying to help me figure out pigeon, but I felt they were just

flagging me so that everyone else in the room would know that I was the only one who

had no clue what I was doing. When class was over, I thought to myself “never again”

but when my friend asked me in her car as we drove away if I would try again, I heard

myself answer “yah that was really fun.”


I meant it too, the next year I left for Long beach to study Dietetics. I was there

for 3 years and took a two hour yoga class every Friday. Looking back now I think it

must have been Iyengar based. We had a lot of props and my favorite was shoulder

stand in a chair. At first I took the classes as PE credits, but in the end it was more for

my sanity. I’ve struggled with anxiety and learning disabilities my whole life. Chemistry,

Organic Chemistry, Bio Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology were something I had to

work really hard for. The peace and breath work of yoga definitely helped me for a little

while but I eventually left school. I didn’t want to work with patients once they were

already sick and I would have to feed them their nutrients through a tube, (but also it

was incredibly hard work and often broke me).


I went back to Santa Cruz and eventually a few years later went back to school. I

studied holistic nutrition and found the smaller classes and different approach was much

more accessible for me. Yoga came back into my life a little before I decided to go back

to school. It was the same friend that brought me back to yoga. This time it was Power

Yoga and Bikram. This is also when I believe my yoga practice actually began and

everything changed. My first Power teacher looked at me and said, “All you have to do

is survive the first forty minutes, the rest is a piece of cake.” I emailed the studio that

night and immediately started work trade a month later.


I started leaving parties early because I wanted a good nights sleep for yoga in

the morning. People would ask me if I had met someone because I had never looked

happier. I told them his name was Yoga. I went on a couple of yoga retreats and met

some of my best friends to this day. When I went to Bali in 2009 I was all set up to go

back to school and partake in my first Yoga Teacher Training. This was my first of many

and still many more to come. I can’t seem to take in too much information of what I call

“My first love.”


In 2010 I quit my “real” job (can I just say I hate that expression) left for India and

then an internship in New Jersey where I learned how to prepare vegan food and have

never looked back.


It has been the hardest, most heart breaking journey I have ever been on. My

heart breaks and then opens to love more deeply than I ever imagined. I love this road.

I can’t wait to see where “my love” drives me to next.