First I just want to say thank you!! Thank you, for visiting my webpage and your interest in practicing online yoga with me. I feel lucky and blessed that I am still able to do what I love.

Weekly Class Schedule:

  • Monday Happy Hour 4 pm
  • Tuesday Lunchtime 12 pm
  • Wednesday Night Reset 6 pm
  • Sunday Yoga School 10:45 am

all classes average between 60-75 minutes

Through my online yoga you have access to a couple of monthly memberships:

Fully Loaded: Averages 4 classes a week Live or Recorded, just under $7/class.  You will also be eligible for discounts on all upcoming workshops, short classes including meditation, stretching, balancing or just savasana as well as longer classes such as power bakes two hours.

Time Budget: Average 3 classes a week Live or Recorded $9/class.  Most athletes say when you’re building skill or habit try to practice no less than three times a week for maximum benefits.  This is a good option if you find that life has you running!! Commit to just 3 hours a week to take care of yourself.  Breathe, move and sit.

Sunday Yoga School: Sundays are included in Fully Loaded and Time Budget Memberships but if you find you are only looking to practice on Sundays, Sunday classes are $10.00/class.  Almost as soon as I started teaching I wanted to teach on Sundays.  Sundays are for family, they’re for relaxing and celebrating life.  They close out our weeks and begin the next. They are a time for reflection, forgiveness and big dreams to be born.  Let the magic begin!

Live and recorded classes can be bought individually as well so please check that out.  Recorded classes have a thirty day expiration date in order to keep material fun and fresh.  

I am thrilled to be starting this next adventure in my yoga teaching career.  I have met so many incredible souls on this journey and I hope to reconnect or meet you here in this new way whether it be Live or through Recordings. I am beyond grateful for the times I’ve been able to teach to you before this and I look forward to more opportunities to connect our yoga community.