Sunday Yoga School Membership

$40.00 / month

Sunday Yoga School Membership

-$40.00 a month that’s just $10 per class.

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I’ve always known I wanted to teach on Sundays.  Not so secretly I really hate Mondays.  I figured if I taught on Sundays my favorite day of the week would eventually soften the rough edges of my most loathed day of the week… I’m still working on that theory.  Truthfully Sundays are magical.  They are the beginning and end of our week.  Sundays are when we can get excited about all the unknowns of our upcoming week and they are also a place where we can let go of our disappointments of what’s past.  In my experience Sundays are for family and the longer I teach on Sundays the bigger my family has grown!

Because Sundays have such a special place in my heart I’m creating a membership just for Sundays.  Sundays are included in Fully Loaded and Time Budget memberships but if you find that you are simply here to be a part of something bigger than yourself and to simply connect in a yoga community, Sunday membership is $40.00 a month that’s just $10 per class.


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